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Are you frustrated by how difficult it can be to start learning Tagalog?

We’re here to help. Learning Tagalog in a country where “everyone speaks English” can be challenging. Tagalog can be confusing, inaccessible and difficult to practice when all the examples in the book are “The boy has a red shirt”.

The Cheat’s Guide To Tagalog was created to overcome just that. It includes short, specific, actionable examples to get you started and to break through the initial language barrier faced by people visiting the country. It includes real-life phrases of each lesson to get you started. We’ve even thrown in a 30 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

With this e-book, you’ll receive:

21 lessons and over 200 phrases designed to get you speaking immediately

A curriculum and style that teaches immediately actionable content

Content based on real life usage, not hypothetical situations

Each lesson contains an explanation, practice exercises and key phrases

Free, lifetime updates every time we release a new version

A note from author Phil Smithson:

I’ve lived in the Philippines for over 10 years and when I first arrived, I found it especially challenging to learn Tagalog the traditional way. Existing books were focused on classroom learning. The exercises were boring with examples that I had difficulty using in real life. So I began to learn from interacting with people instead, listening to what they said and copying them. Over 10 years, I built up a vast mental library of useful, reusable sentence constructions, common phrases and fun words that I learned would always bring out a smile in the person I was talking to. This book captures many of these key learnings.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1: Going Places and Doing Things. You will be able to express many different ideas about where you want to go and what you want to do.

Lesson 2: Expressing Likes and Wants. You will be able to tell people what you like or want and ask them if they like or want.

Lesson 3: Expressing Dislikes. You will be able to tell people what you don’t like or want and ask them what they don’t like or want.

Lesson 4: Simple Past Tense. You will be able to talk about things you and other people have done in the past tense.

Lesson 5: Modifiers and Conjunctions. You will be able to join simple ideas together.

Lesson 6: Simple Future Tense. You will be able to share plans for the future for you and other people.

Lesson 7: Having / Not Having. You will be able to indicate whether or not you or other people have or do not have something.

Lesson 8: Asking If Someone Has Something. You will be able to ask people in restaurants, malls and stores if they do or do not have something.

Lesson 9: Describing Things. You will be able to describe the state of things and people using adjectives.

Lesson 10: Here, There, Everywhere. You will be able to indicate positioning of things around you.

Lesson 11: Ownership of Things. You will be able to express that something is yours.

Lesson 12: Ownership of Things Part 2. You will be able to express that something is someone else’s.

Lesson 13: Ownership of Things Part 3. You will be able to express ownership using the inclusive and exclusive of “ours”.

Lesson 14: Liking and Wanting Part 2. You will be able to express the likes and wants of other people and ask about them.

Lesson 15: Whose Is This? You will be able to inquire about the owner of an object.

Lesson 16: Very…slightly. You will be able to express the strength of feeling about things.

Lesson 17: Everyday Questions. You will be able to ask basic everyday questions.

Lesson 18: Everyday Questions Part 2. You will be able to inquire deeper about thoughts, feelings and objects.

Lesson 19: Expressing Needs. You will be able to express needs of yourself and other people.

Lesson 20: Tagalog Verbs. You will be able to differentiate the most common types of Tagalog Verbs.

Lesson 21: Extra Things You Should Know. You will be able to understand and express more complex ideas using common words.

You’ll also get over 200 phrases:

Introductions – How to introduce yourself, say where you’re from, where you work, what you like doing, asking about other people

Instructions – Giving polite instructions to the maid asking questions and saying thank you

Directions – How to give and take complex directions and ask if they are correct

Meetings – Arranging meetings and asking specific questions

Dining – Common restaurant interactions such as asking for food and understanding responses

Fun – Learn some fun phrases that are guaranteed to raise a smile from any Filipino

“Very cool concept. Instead of getting bogged down in the rules and grammar you hit the ground running learning how to do everyday conversational stuff. ” – Mark

At Learn Tagalog Fast, we’re passionate about making Tagalog as easily accessible as possible to as many people as possible. This book is perfect for Tagalog beginners looking for quick, impactful and immediately actionable learning material.

You have our personal guarantee that if you aren’t completely satisfied with the book, you can email phil@learntagalogfast.com and we’ll refund the amount in full immediately.

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“Such a fun way to learn! Right from the start we learned the words and sentences that we could actually use in everyday conversation.” – Pauline

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