Learn how to "really" speak Tagalog in just a few days

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Conversation-first Learning

Forget textbook knowledge. We believe the best way to learn the basics is by teaching you how conversational Tagalog and Taglish really work.

Minimum effort. Maximum Impact.

While others spend months learning Tagalog the traditional way, you'll only need a few days with us for you to be able to speak to locals.

Practical Lessons Only

We prioritize learning Tagalog words and phrases that you can use on an everyday basis. No need to study complex grammar or vocab with us!

Learn from 50+ Tagalog lessons

Get started on over 50+ beginner learning guides that will teach you everyday Tagalog or Taglish language that you can use right away, from basic greetings to how you can order in restaurants.

Learn Tagalog Fast particularly impressed me with the large quantity of high-quality dialogues and discussions. These dialogues use everyday Tagalog and prepare you for all kind of situations in day-to-day communication!
Mark W.

Check how well you speak Tagalog.

Already know a few words on Tagalog? See for yourself how well you know it through our language quiz and our pronounciation test. This is a great way in assessing your level beforeyou dive into learning.

Such a fun way to learn! I know my Tagalog isn’t that great, but at least the assessment test gave me an idea of where I’m at, so now I know how to improve. I have started to learn more about the language through this app. Keep up the good work!
Edi Y

Actual App Reviews

This app really shines by providing instantly useful conversational phrases and concepts to start speaking immediately!

- Deo Mopera

My Filipino friends are really impressed with how quickly I've been learning Tagalog! This is the best app I’ve ever downloaded.

- Daniel Williams

Amazing! This app is a really great way to learn Tagalog, different from the other apps as it's more focused on useful language that you can actually start to use right away.

- Joël Lefland

This app was great and one of the few apps that after reviewing with a Filipino they don't say "We never use that!?" Unlike most teaching apps everything you learn here is 100% applicable. Great app!!

- Ben Evans

Just got this app and I love it! There are not many Tagalog resources out there and this one is so underrated and cheap. I like how the app builds on from the previous lessons. Thanks for the app, this is exactly what I've been looking for!!

- Abriella Roberts


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Learn how to hold actual conversations, understand common Tagalog terms, and speak like an actual Filipino
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Learn all the basic greetings and necessary phrases for everyday life