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David B.

I really enjoyed the course. Not sure what I was expecting but it was definitely fun. I liked the fact that the course was very interactive and focused more on conversation/speech rather than structure/grammar.

Marc W.

Very cool concept. Instead of getting bogged down in the rules and grammar you hit the ground running learning how to do everyday conversational stuff. SO much easier and motivating to head home after the class and immediately start using what you just learned. Yes, hehe, folks will get a chuckle from your bad accent but it's part of the fun, hehe. Great team behind this and very laid back learning environment that really makes learning the language seem so much less daunting and actually really fun!

Pauline B.

Such a fun way to learn! Right from the start we learned the words and sentences that we could actually use in everyday conversation. We also asked the meaning of words we hear everyday and used them too! My Filipina friends actually understood what I was saying most of the time and were very impressed! My husband's colleagues at work smile when he does not pronounce the words correctly but they try to help him and respect his willingness to learn their language. If you do try learning people are so much nicer and willing to help you. I highly recommend at least trying, you will enjoy it!

Chris P.

Learn Tagalog Fast offered outstanding lessons in Tagalog in a quick and efficient to understand manner. The sessions were broken down into easy to digest sessions where he discussed real life scenarios and added context behind the words.

Edi Y.

Learn Tagalog Fast particularly impressed me with the large quantity of high-quality dialogues and discussions. These dialogues use everyday Tagalog and prepare you for all kind of situations in day-to-day communication, and you can ask questions on the active forum if you don’t understand something. If you are a beginner and would like to get started learning Tagalog, this is an exceptional choice.

Our approach

Unlike traditional providers, we offer a unique, modern and dynamic approach focused on speaking.

A focus on speaking

We avoid long lists of words and irrelevant "The boy has a red shirt" type of learning.

Personal classes

Our classes are usually one on one so you get the full focus of the instructor for the duration of your session.

Personalized Course

Course content is customised around your goals to make sure you're not wasting time learning things you don't need.

Free Trial

We want you to be sure that our way of learning is best for you so we offer a free taster session so you can understand our approach.

Unlimited Support

Have questions after your sessions are over? Get in touch and we'll answer them for no charge.

Online or Offline payment

You can pay online or offline and we're BIR registered and provide full Official Receipts for students.

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Goal based learning

We teach you how to master any situation.

Breaking the ice

Quickly establish rapport, make Filipinos laugh and take the tension out of any situation.

Office Situations

Communicate with co-workers, your boss and your employees - in formal meetings or over informal work lunches.

Shopping, Bargaining

Be comfortable buying things from local sellers when you learn how to negotiate Filipino style!


How to talk to people out of the office and build personal relationships.

Ordering Food

Order food with confidence and make special requests.

Giving Orders

Learn how to ask people to do things for you.

Likes and dislikes

Describe what you want or don't want to do and what you do or don't like.

Past, present, future

Say where you've been, where you're going and what you're doing now!

...and many more

That's just a taste of all the different topics you'll learn and situations you'll become comfortable in.

Learn Tagalog

Why you should make the effort

"Invariably, it makes people laugh which is a great thing to encounter day in and day out. Almost every time someone finds out I speak Tagalog, it’s followed by a laugh and a smile and it tends to brighten up both of our days."

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Different ways to learn

Face-to-face, online or self-directed

Face to face lessons

For people who prefer to learn with a teacher.

750PHP per hour


For people who like to learn by themselves at their own pace.

$10 for 50 lessons and over 200 phrases

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